Why I’m Finally Done Debating World Issues On Facebook

(This is how I feel about some of my ‘friends’ on Facebook)

It is absolutely impossible to have a nuanced debate conversation about real issues with people on Facebook. Y’all believe anything that you read. I can’t count how many times I’ve seen you all link to sites that aren’t anywhere close to credible as evidence.

You don’t even know how to discern between facts of the case and opinion. Someone tried to tell me that when Bill Cosby admitted in a deposition to giving women drugs to inhibit them to have sex with him that it was ok because it was the 70s & everyone was doing drugs.

How??? Wha???

If it was any other person it would be called date rape. Why are y’all going so hard about defending this man?

I saw CharlamagneTheGod tweet ‘why is it that all the great ones are charged with rape?’ (Tyson,Pac,etc) Bruh. You should be asking why is it that men in positions of power routinely allowed to behave in a way that allows them to conceal crimes and emerge from situations unscathed. Mike Tyson is now an American hero. Pac wasn’t convicted of rape but sexual abuse (damn near the same thing) but was able to thrive in the short year following his release from prison.

I haven’t had the time but I plan on unfriending & unfollowing all Cosby apologists on social media. Even the R. Kelly apologists didn’t annoy me as much as these folks. It’s like you almost believe that he is your real dad and you have to defend him at all costs. The sad thing is that the people that are taking up for this admitted rapists are teachers, professionals and even worst parents. I’ve seen a mother of two post status after status defending this man.

And for what?

I almost shudder to think what you’ll tell young adults when they come to you and tell you they’ve been raped. Will you believe them? Will you say it’s because they were doing drugs or drinking? What lengths will you go to not believe women when they say they’ve been raped?

Is this only when the accused is Black? We’ve seen comparison to Seventh Heaven dad on social media. Both men are vile human beings. In Stephen Collins’ case, the statue of limitations ran out before charges could be filed. Cosby is only being charged for a case that hasn’t expired not the 50 other allegations of rape against him.

The magic of TV is amazing.

As a 90s kid, I feel like I grew up with Corey and Topanga and Dawson and Joey myself. We’ve all be inspired by the Cosby Show. The well-to do family was comedy gold. The re-runs have raised an entire generation. But it’s just that: TV. You can’t run into Raven-symone or James Van Der Beek and expect them to know you simply because you watched their shows on TV.

So why do you think you should spend your time defending a person that didn’t exist? It doesn’t make any logical sense and there are masses of people who for the life of me can’t that into their heads.

Part of being a writer/journalist is being able to be a researcher. It’s being an avid reader and being able to discern what’s credible and what is not. It’s also knowing when to shut the fuck up when you don’t know what you’re talking about. Sadly those critical thinking skills weren’t taught across all disciplines in public schools.

I’ve had strong debates with my Republican friends on social media about elections and heated exchanges with my pro-life friends about Planned Parenthood (an organization that I’ll die protecting). I’m  fortunate that during those debates & heated conversations that its always remained about the issue & not placing blame on anyone else. Or worse, people taking things personal. But after various exchanges about a TV dad, I can no longer waste my energy discussing shit like this on Facebook.

I use to actually like engaging in dialogue about world issues online. But alas, that time is over.

I’m tired.

And completely over it.