Don’t Save Her: On Mainstream Media’s Eternal Caping For Megyn Kelly

When I was growing, I was bossy kid.

I was always telling other people, specifically my mother what to do. I’d make these grandiose requests to which my mother would often reply ‘You must think you Miss Ann around here.‘ Of course, as a 90s kids growing up I had no idea who Miss Ann was or what the term even meant. But as I’ve grown up, I’ve met Miss Ann many times in many forms in my life and it’s never a pleasant experience.

Megyn Kelly is Miss Ann in her ultimate form.

As I write this I am furious.

While I am not surprised, I remain flabbergasted by mainstream media’s loving embrace of Megyn Kelly. Variety, which featured Kelly on the cover last year recently posted a tweet that got my attention. 



I want to offer my condolences to the legend Barbara Walters. To have her decades of courageous work compared to the likes of Megyn Kelly must have been humiliating and soul crushing.

Of course, I reacted as anyone else who saw the tweet.

It is important to remember that they are referring to Megyn Kelly.

The same Megyn Kelly, who said the 14 year-old girl assaulted by a police officer in McKinney, TX last year ‘was no saint either.’

The same Megyn Kelly, who went out of her way to declare that Santa Claus and Jesus were indeed white. 

The same Megyn Kelly, who works for a company that is so racist, they don’t even bother trying to hide it.

Kelly fell into the embrace of mainstream media because of her ongoing beef with Presidential candidate Donald Trump. Trump, noted troll, has tweeted some of the most vile and sexist things ever known to man about Kelly.

So that I’m clear: no woman deserves to be spoken to or treated the way Trump has treated Kelly.


Media’s love affair with Megyn is not only a slap in the face to real journalists but especially Black women. Make no mistake about it: if Kelly had been Joy-Ann Reid or Tamron Hall, they wouldn’t have most if any of the consideration of Variety or any other mainstream media publications. They likely would’ve been told to get thicker skin, that it was part of the gig and to deal with it.

Hell, when Melissa Harris-Perry was nearly physically attacked in Iowa, MSNBC wouldn’t even grant her security.

More than anything, it is Kelly’s hateful rhetoric that disturbs me. Any person willing to blame the victim of an attack rather than the perpetrator is dangerous. There’s literally hundreds of videos on YouTube that more than prove that Megyn Kelly is not only just as bad as Bill O’Reilly but she can get away with it because she is Miss Ann and ‘they’ (salute DJ Khaled) will protect her at all costs.

Can you imagine if a police officer assaulted a white teenager and then a Black ‘journalist’ got on TV and said she was no saint? Me neither. They would be fired by the end of the broadcast.

So to answer Variety’s question, Megyn Kelly isn’t the next Barbara Walters. Hell, she isn’t even the next Josie Geller.

Besides, I think we all know who the next Barbara Walters is…

Soledad O’Brien!

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