Why I’m Not Mad At The Chi-Raq Trailer

I was going to lament for about 500 words about why I’m not mad at the trailer for Spike Lee film ‘Chi-Raq‘ but I’m not going to do it.


Because most of the people that are outraged aren’t going to see the movie anyway. Because most of the people outraged haven’t seen a Spike Lee joint since ‘Crooklyn.’ Also because Damon Young at VerySmartBros already broke it down for it to forever be broke.

Just like the outrage we saw over Ebony Magazine’s November cover that had people are up in arms without reading a single word of the piece, people have already made up their minds about the film and haven’t seen a single scene of the movie.

If anything folks should have been more upset at the ‘Welcome to Chiraq‘ documentary Noisey produced glorifying gang culture last year. I was livid but hey the streets loved it.

What did people really expect from Spike Lee? A “Boyz N The Hood“or maybe a “Menace II Society” about Chicago’s violence problem? That wasn’t going to happen.

I was initially annoyed and concerned when I learned Lee named the film ‘Chiraq.’

I have written about how much Chicagoans hate the word Chiraq and why people should stop using that word before and my feelings remain the same. But I feel strongly about the arts and believe that creators should be allowed to bring a message to the people however they see fit.

That’s why I’m not tripping on the trailer or the film.

Lee is an unconventional director but he’s the only widely known director bold enough to make a film in Englewood and Auburn Gresham. He also participated in a several peace marches and rallies during the filming of ‘Chiraq.’

When the film hits theaters, check it out.

Or cop the bootleg, which most of y’all were going to do anyway.  Then you can write you 1,000 word think piece about why it sucks.

Until then, be easy.

One thought on “Why I’m Not Mad At The Chi-Raq Trailer

  1. Not only did Spike participate in peace marches and organize a block party in the hood, he had the likes of Wesley Snipes, Nick Cannon John Cusack, Teyonah Parris and so on listen to the horrific stories of the people from the those neighborhoods who experienced loss and experience the violence almost daily. The tone of the film is true to Spike Lee but he made sure his cast and crew knew just how heavy a load they were carrying.
    I totally understand people being concerned that ‘Chiraq’ isn’t making light of a situation so serious and I understand not being interested in seeing a movie based on the trailer but this massive response did seem a bit undue.

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