Now Y’all Mad?

Snoop is out of line for his comments towards & about Iggy Azalea.

But are we surprised? Should we be?

When I think of the music I grew up on, Snoop is at the top of that list. Doggystyle was released in 1993 and like so many millions of others, Gin & Juice remains one of my favorite songs ever. But let’s not forget that Snoop also kind of pioneered that whole Bitches ain’t shit phase that we’re still in over 20 years later. He definitely wasn’t the first rapper to say that sentiment but, If you didn’t know that bitches wasn’t shit, then you knew.

He’s continued his bitches ain’t shit reign for most of his career until last year when he emerged as Snoop Lion after taking a trip to Jamaica and immersing himself into Rastafari. At the time, he said it was important to him to have something that he’ll be able to perform at the White House, which he was able to do in December of 2013.

Despite the fact that Snoop has engaged in this type of language about women for years, it’s only until he’s attacked a white woman (Iggy Azelia) that other hip hop sites have even made an attempt to call Snoop out on his continued misogyny and disrespect. We shouldn’t be surprised by this behavior. It’s been part of the Snoop persona from day 1.

But because he’s Uncle Snoop, color me surprised when I saw a piece that should’ve been called “We’ll Always Love Uncle Snoop” on one of the premiere so-called women sites. But that’s neither here nor there.

When it comes to black women being attacked in music, movies and the like the narrative has been a code of silence amongst most hip hop mags and sites.

So I’m really expecting the see the Calvary show up this week for Iggy.

He’s Uncle Snoop. An elder statesmen in hip hop. I don’t expect any rapper or anyone else to actually call him out on anything.

Case in point: Dr. Dre. Despite repeated evidence of being a woman beater (See Michel’le and Dee Barnes) we’ve never (and will never) see a rapper or even a site call him out on this.

Did ya’ll expect anything to change about Snoop?

20 years as a misogynist, he verbally attacks a white woman and now y’all mad?


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