Why do I Write?


Love this. Image so not mine though.

I write because I have to.

I write because I must.

Hell, I write because it’s the only thing I know that I am fully capable of doing and enjoying.

What else can I really do?

Well, I can do some administrative work. I was pretty good at retail but who really wants to make a career of that?

Unless you’re in management or the person that needs an assistant, I could never be totally fulfilled in those professions. I would constantly dream of writing. I would think of the ideas I could be pitching. I would wonder how life would be if I hadn’t gave up on my dream. I could never live my life that way. I would rather be committed than to stop pursuing my passion. There are people that actually do that. I know people like that.

To never follow your true heart? Do you remember what happens to a dream deferred? That can’t be me.

I refuse.

I flat out rebuke that shit son.

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