In Defense of Chicago….

Every time Chicago is in the national spotlight, it’s shrouded in negativity. From Chief Keef, Lil Reese, to escalating violence, Chicago has definitely built up a reputation. I hate it.
Have you ever asked someone about a sore subject and they make a face at you? That’s how people look at me when I tell them I live on the southside of Chicago. They really make that face at me.
I’m not embarrassed or ashamed. No, I am ashamed. Of them. For being so judgmental. I meet a lot of people (mostly Caucasian) that have literally never been any further south than U.S Cellular field. 
I’m sure I haven’t been to most parts of the northside but I definitely don’t pretend to judge the entire area based upon certain neighborhoods. Open your mind. Don’t let your fear or the news keep you from exploring the real heart of Chicago, the southside. There’s so much history here. Legends are born and made here everyday and I’m not just talking about Kanye West.
I mean the damn President’s home is right down the street from me son! 
So miss me with all those “Don’t go to the southside” jokes with the sourpuss faces. Now it is true that everybody here doesn’t make it.
But many of us have made it. I blog a shit load about my city. Can’t help it. It’s in my bones. Chicago def has its problems but it also has love and some things that you can’t find authentically anywhere else.
Like Harold’s chicken! Believe me, Chic-fil-a ain’t got shit a 6 piece with salt, pepper and mild sauce. Next time you’re in town, make sure you grab some.


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