Counting Other People’s Blessings

I caught myself counting someone else’s blessings the other day. Counting someone else’s blessings is seeing someone’s success and maybe wondering why that isn’t you or feeling envious of someone’s life.
I quickly shook that feeling off.

We all have those minor setbacks or feelings. After all, what do I (or many people) really have to complain about? I sleep in a warm house, with food in the refrigerator and damn it I have health insurance. I’m already winning and I haven’t even gotten out of my bed yet.

When I catch myself doing that, I have to check myself like, “Girl, get it together.”

I think I start counting that person’s blessings because I’m at that critical point: 5 years after college. I’m coming to the end of my first 5 year plan. The question now is what’s next?

Career? Kids? Marriage?

All of these are supposed to be critical in the next 5 years. Well it usually is but I sort of live an unconventional life. ( nah. My life is mad regular b.)   

Not sure of what the future holds, but def looking forward to new experiences.

Back to Business,

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