Spread the Love

Out of the blue today, I received an email of encouragement from a fellow blogger. I’m sure her blog receives WAY more traffic than mine, so I  was surprised to learn that she had even heard of my lil ol blog. That simple act of kindness made my entire day.

It goes to show that if you keep writing and pushing forward, you will get somewhere. You never know who is reading your work. As a writer, I’m ecstatic that potentially more people are enjoying my random rantings and ravings. There are sometimes when I feel like I’ve written a blog post that just sucks. Like really sucks. Then there are the blog posts, where I feel  I’ve really showcased my talent. Mostly, I just write because I MUST. There’s no way around it. I can’t live if I’m not writing something. Anything.

I want to challenge everyone to give a word of encouragement to someone.
If you see another blog, tumblr, article, book or anything creative that you think is amazing, let the person know. You never know how a word of encouragement can affect a person’s day. They may be down about their path and your email just brightened their day. They may have gotten lazy ( I know I have) and your email has just lit a fire under their asses to step their game up.

So try it. It won’t hurt.

I promise.

Paying it forward,


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