Searching for Success

Every time we have a company-wide meeting, I get a huge burst of ideas. Even though our meetings mostly consist of numbers, how the business is doing, growth rates, etc, I can always take something out of the meeting.

Forgive this terrible diagram.
But in some ways, it’s hard to sit through. As they talk about the growth of our company in the millions, I’m wondering if I can get home and to work tomorrow by putting $10 (off my credit card) in my gas tank. Believe me, I know I’m blessed. I have a job. I have insurance.

But I am definitely the definition of the working poor.

Between the main bills (rent,electric,cable,gas) + medical bills & creditors + Sallie Mae = A Chick is struggling. No matter what I try to do, I’m always dead broke the day before payday. Always. Something’s gotta give. I try to save from each paycheck. Try being the operative word. There are some very successful people in my company. But it’s definitely not me though.

I can’t help but wonder, when is that success going to trickle down to me? Like straight up. What I’ve learned & realized is that it’s up to me to step outside of my day job and figure out how to hustle my strengths into a much higher level of success.

Of course, I’d like to have more money but that’s not what I’m chasing. I’d much rather be successful.

Looking to a brighter future,

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