President Obama, You Have My Support, Now Leave Me Alone!

With less than 30 days to the election, the political season is in high gear. It’s on the cover of every major paper in the country, the nightly news and even dominates those water cooler conversations at work.

It’s invaded music, the news and now my inbox.

I am a proud and loyal President Obama supporter. My first encounter with President Obama occurred at my high school graduation. President Obama, who wasn’t even a Senator then, gave a rousing speech which brought the entire audience of the Arie Crown Theater to their feet. I can’t remember anything he said but I’m sure it was amazing.

Fast forward to the 2004 Expo for Today’s Black Woman, my friend and I literally bumped into the Senate nominee. Back then he only had 1 bodyguard and anyone could approach him. He had my vote from our first introduction. On that unseasonably warm Chicago day in November of 2008, my friends and I were joined by thousands of other supporters in Grant Park as we elected the nation’s first black President.

If you can’t tell, I am here for President Obama.

However, what I am not here for are the incessant emails from him, Michelle, Joe Biden, Kal Penn and everyone else close to the Democratic Party. I am literally slammed with at least 3 emails a day from them.

When I donated my $5 in August, I knew that I would receive the emails but this is like expecting rain and getting a tornado instead.

I understand the game of politics. You have to get your message to the masses in order to win. I love politics. I revel in watching Morning Joe each day and spending my Friday nights with Bill Maher. As divisive, off-putting and full of crap as politics is, I have to be involved. We all must be involved.

But if I get another email, I am going to remove myself from the political process altogether. I know that when I wake up, I’ll have an email. After I’ve deleted that email, I can expect another email after lunch and then another email before I get home.


Listen, you have my vote. But the emails are even worse than the ads. We know you need donations for the campaign. But promising a night with Beyonce & Jay-Z is not going to get me to donate more money. 

Thankfully, there are less than 30 days to the election.
Until then, I’ve set up a special folder for those emails.   

Forever an Obama supporter,


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