Nicki Minaj VS. Black Women

By now, we’ve all viewed that infamous Nicki Minaj-Mariah Carey American Idol video.

To some it may seem like an isolated argument between two very strong-willed women but to me it seemed like so much more. Nicki’s subsequent twitter rant further proved my point.

Since the beginning of her career, Nicki has seemingly always had issues with other black women. Don’t get me wrong. As women, we will all probably face issues with other women but it seems like Nicki’s anger with women runs deep.
From “All these bitches is my sons” in Did it on ‘Em to her negative commentary at other female rappesr at the end of popular songs like Itty Bitty Piggy and Set It Off, Nicki has seemingly always tried to go out of her way to put other women down.


I’ve been a Nicki Minaj fan since I heard the Sucker Free mixtape on a road trip to NIU several years ago. No one can deny it: Nicki can spit.  And judging from her recent career moves on American Idol, her new fragrance and MAC lipstick, she definitely knows how to hustle.
But Nicki where’s the love?

Sure, she’s on twitter retweeting her barbs and such but when it comes to having relationships with other black women, we never see her showing any actual real love to us.

Aside from the fact that she regular embraces her white-washed image (her nose, penchant for long blonde wigs) and disses the features of African-American women (Little Nappy-headed hoes in Did it on ‘em), Nicki continues to leave old-school fans like me wondering, when is it going to give Nicki?

Signed A Tired ‘Ol Nicki Minaj fan,


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