House of Hova

I’m in NYC for the Inaugural Jay-Z concerts.

As a stan, I had to be here. Hov in BK, at his own arena? I had to be there. Any real fan would’ve made sure they were in Brooklyn for this event.
Me @ Barclays.
I’m sure he’ll perform at Barclays again but definitely not for the first time ever again. I’ll be honest, I’ve seen Jay-Z in concert 5 times and that wasn’t the best concert I’ve seen of him. But then again, it’s going to be hard to top Watch The Throne at any capacity. Really hard.
Initially I was a little never about coming out here. I am not a place financially to just pick up & go anywhere I damn near please. But I had to go for it. When tickets went on sale, I bought my ticket.
I signed up for email deals with major airlines and found a roundtrip ticket for less than $180. My coworker also recommended a hotel in Brooklyn, so I spent about a total of about $500 on the total experience, which is amazing for a trip to NYC.
Always Taking A Plunge,

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