Escape to New York

As I am penning this, I am in a suite in Brooklyn sipping on Moscato out of a plastic bottle. (classy I know)

It’s been raining all day so it appears that I am spending my last night in the city that never sleeps in the hotel. I was just in New York 5 months ago with my bestie, who was experiencing NYC for the first time. There’s something about this city that just inspires me.
I’m always bursting with ideas anytime I’m here. It has been raining all day. It’s been a very dreary day. After being out for most of the afternoon, I returned to my hotel. I didn’t have a coat on & I’ll be damned if I get sick. It seems like every time I leave NYC, I get sick. Not like I’m sick to leave but like a cold. Never fails so I’m in for the night cuddled up with my notebook & plastic bottle of wine.
Happy face.
P.S: The best part of this trip: not giving a single fuck about any of the everyday bullshit I have to deal with. Even bigger happy face.


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