Airport Observations

Black people don’t travel.
See any POC?Me neither.
It’s something that I’ve noticed since my childhood.
But being at the airport in the last few days reinforced that idea. I am on a plane with at least 100 people and I only see about 3 black folks. There are other people of color like Indians and a few Asians but there aren’t any black people.
One of the reasons why I am always so eager to go somewhere is because in my childhood, I hardly did any traveling.
Of course, it’s hard to travel when there’s “no money”, but I wonder, do folks even try to travel? Or do they just assume that because they aren’t wealthy that it isn’t an option? I’ve seen that happen so many times. Before the blessings & opportunity comes in, people’s negative feelings block the blessings. Trust me; I know what it’s like to grow up with the bare minimum.
But as an adult who isn’t rich but definitely blessed, I know how with the right frame of mind, you can travel anywhere.
Taking The World One Flight at a Time,

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