Try Again

Last month I participated in the #30in30 blogging challenge proposed by one of my favorite writers, Aliya S King.

For the first 2 weeks, I was on a roll.

If I missed a day, I was doubling up to catch up. I did great job  until about day 20. That was when my unfortunate experience occurred.

But what I realized about myself is that it’s hard for me to do something consistently for a long period of time.

I try to do 50 squats a night but I occasionally forget. I’m supposed to write everyday but sometimes, I’m too tired to write. I’m supposed to say my affirmations daily but I damn sure forget.

The beautiful thing about life is that tomorrow is another chance to change your whole life. So even if I forget to do my squats, say my affirmations, write ,etc,  I’m content in the fact that I can always try again.

It’s never too late.

Trying to get better each day,


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