Tales From the E.R

I spent probably the last glorious 70+ degree day in Chicago in the emergency room.

Remember those head pains I spoke of before? Yeah, they came back and with a vengeance. I could barely go to sleep. If you’ve ever spent time in the ER, then you know it’s not a place anyone wants to be. You could be there anywhere from 2 hours – 14 hours to even checking in for a few days.

Here are a few random thoughts I had during my visit:

This muthafucka is packed.

These old people really like the Bourne Identity. They were even shouting during the kissing scene.

People are so nosy too, including myself.

This lady thinks she had a stroke earlier today and her whole family was up in here like it was a family reunion.
I wish I lived in the burbs when shit like this happens. No one is in those hospitals except for kids who O’D and shit.


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