Discovering Yoga

After years of reading Russell Simmons tweet, rant and rave about yoga, I finally tried a yoga class at the gym. Well actually it was a yoga/pilates blend but still yoga nonetheless. I loved it!  

Believe that.

It was a blend of stretching, bending, concentrating, breathing, focusing and so much more. I had observed yoga classes before and I had made up my mind that it was easy. I thought it would be a cinch.

Child please. I was wrong.

I was sweating.
I was sweating more than I do when I’m on the elliptical and treadmill. I was glad my hair was natural because the back of my hair was dripping wet. My shirt was wet. I couldn’t even keep up with the poses. I work out pretty regularly now and I couldn’t even keep up. I did well in the first class. When I left, I had a clearer mind (Well as clear as I could considering I had a sinus infection but that’s another post. )  

When I left, I checked the class schedule to see when the next class was taking place. I feel like I should’ve been discovered yoga years ago. Do You! By Russell Simmons is one of my favorite books and in it, he describes at length the wonders of yoga in his life. One of my co-workers has been going to yoga multiple times a week for like a year & I still really no interest in taking yoga.

But since I decided to make some major changes in my life, I feel like yoga would be something that could totally benefit my life. In a world of constant change and stress, it’s nice to take time out to silence the mind and take in the moment.


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