After 20-something years of having absolutely no allergies, I have suddenly developed them. To what, I don’t know.

A life-saver

A few months ago, I went out of town and on the last day of the trip, I got extremely sick. I felt terrible. I had cold-like symptoms: stuffy head, runny nose, scratchy throat,etc. I started taking over the counter medications but nothing worked.

It got so bad that I went to the Take Care clinic at my local Walgreens (btw, shout out to whoever brought that idea into fruition. It’s a much-needed alternative to the highly expensive emergency room, which was my next option.)

After examining me, the doctor there told me that I had developed allergies. She prescribed me some nasal spray and Claritin-D and within days I was 100% better. Fast forward to last week: I had developed a headache that refused to subside. I tried taking pills, going to sleep, meditating, I mean everything.

Nothing worked.

My head felt heavy. It felt like I was carrying an extra 20 pounds on my head. I had a feeling it was these so-called allergies but I wasn’t sure. I went back to the take care clinic. After examining me, I was diagnosed with a sinus infection. She told me to grab some Mucinex-D and something called a netty potty, a contraption where you basically rinse out your nasal passages. Sounds a little disgusting but after using it, I felt so much better.

Modern medicine is really amazing. It’s only the day after I got all of my elixirs and I feel so much better. I really need to figure out what I’m allergic to so that I’m not exposing myself to the allergen & making myself sick.

Le sigh,


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