The Power

I am continuously amazed at the power of our own thoughts. Although we’ve heard time and time again that your thoughts create your reality, we often don’t apply it to our daily lives.

I’ve really been applying that theory to my life all week and I’ve began to see the changes in my life each day.  By using a combination of positive thoughts, mantras, and speaking with positive intentions, things in my life have went from good to great in a matter of days.

Many people have trouble with positive thinking because it’s so much easier to think of the things you don’t want in your life than what you do want. I’ve had trouble with that process as well. It’s really hard to not think of what you don’t want in your life, but you have to train your mind to think positive.

You can start by being grateful for the things you have. I know, I know. Everyone says that. But it’s true! If you’re not grateful for your shack, how will you be grateful for your mansion?

Surround yourself with love. We all know to avoid toxic people but you also need to avoid anything toxic: TV shows, music and especially that damn news. I’m a news junkie but I never watch the news before bed anymore. It’s like taking all of those negative feelings to bed with you each night.

Instead of listening to a full day of the rap music that I love, I’ve devoted more time to listening to motivational speeches and inspirational sermons. It has really helped my day.

It’s because I’ve been surrounding myself with this positive energy that my life has started to grow exponentially.

I’m going to continue this attitude going into this week. I already know it’s going to be a GREAT WEEK!!

I’m so excited for the possibilities that are coming my way.I hope you’re excited too.

Here are some of the tools I’ve used this week to help me maintain my positive attitude:

1)      Rhonda Byrne’s The Power audio book: This audio book is the sequel to the book, The Secret. It follows the same belief that you can have and create the life that you want.

2)      Bishop TD Jakes Sermon: I’m not into going to church on a regular basis. It’s just not my thing. But there’s something about Bishop TD Jakes’ sermons. He has a way of speaking directly to you. I recently listened to his “Shake it Off” sermon on YouTube & it was life changing.  Check it out.

You really do have the power to change your life and circumstances.

Don’t wait. Start today.


One thought on “The Power

  1. Wow Veronica. This is really good advice. I always believed in the power of positive thinking, but I dont apply it in my everyday life. I worry and stress when I could just let go and take what's coming to me and what I deserve. I should know this having grown up in church- "Let go and let God". I saw the Secret movie, but never read the book. I think I should pick that up.

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