I’ve never really been particularly close to my parents.
We’re not best friends like some people I know. They are my parents.  When I’ve lived with them, they both generally had a tendency to work my last damn nerve, as parents typically do. But since I’ve been out of the house and on my own, I’ve found that I can appreciate them even more.

First let me start by saying that my dad is a damn fool. I like to call him the mayor of Chatham because my dad knows about everything that is going on in his neighborhood.  Now that I’m older, I can stop by his house and really talk and laugh with him. I think he enjoys living alone these days too. He enjoys living with his dog and best friend Gus.

My mom is the same way. She’s about to embark on living alone for the first time in over 30 years. I’m eager to see how she adapts to living alone.

I’m glad as an adult that they are able to accept me for the person that I am and I can accept them for who they are.


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