Fighting Reality TV

I tried to avoid it but it just keeps coming back into my life. That damn reality TV. Every time I add a new TV show into rotation, it’s a damn reality show.

I really have no interest in the lives of Adrienne Bailon or Julissa B but for some reason, I have developed a weird sense of affection to their TV show. They don’t really do anything that most other reality shows do. They shop; they’re looking for love and they’re trying to take over the entertainment industry.

So basically it’s like every other show on TV. But it’s something about the show that continues to draw me into it every week. I’m hoping it doesn’t remain the same old reality show, with contrived storylines and issues. I hope it gets deeper and personal.

The fact that I’m even having hoping for substance in a reality show is ridiculous.

I’m done.

Reality Show Junkie,


One thought on “Fighting Reality TV

  1. OMG. I do the same thing. With Tia and Tamera. Thier lives are borderline boring, yet I watch every week wondering how Tamera is going to decorate her Napa house or figure out that she's pregnant. What's so sad is that I already know that she's preggo, but Im waiting to see her find out on the show. Ridiculous.

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