Viva La Spice!

When I was in 6th grade, a phenomenon known as the spice Girls invaded the U.S. It also invaded my life. I was a stan from the first time I saw the Wannabe video on MTV. Y’all couldn’t (and still can’t) tell me shit about the Spice Girls.

This cover was everything!

They were a diverse group of women from the U.K who sang about being down for your friends and love. At 12 years old, that’s all you care about. Hell, at 27 that’s all I care about.

I had a tape of the Spice Girls pay-per-view concert that I had a friend tape for me that I used to watch repeatedly. The Spice Girls debut album is a pop classic.Don’t try to debate me on this. You can play that tape from start to finish (it’s only 10 songs) without  fast-forwarding through any of those songs. I still have my Spice Girls tape in a box at my mom’s house somewhere.

I had never even seen a chick with a tongue ring until Mel B. And that wild, curly hair! Mel B was one of the first women to bring Natural hair to the mainstream. That could be a stretch but you know what I mean. My mom took me to see Spice World at the movies. How friggin’ awesome was that?

Y’all can’t tell me nothing about the SPICE GIRLS!!

But the good times don’t last forever. Geri left the group in May 1998. The rumors at the time said that she was having drama with Mel B. She claimed it was exhaustion. Either way, as a fan I was crushed. What happened to all the girl power?

Geri leaving the Spice Girls was more detrimental to me than when they cancelled Girlfriends. I was an adult and able to accept the cancellation of Girlfriends but Geri leaving the group? Naw. It was more than my poor heart could endure.

And it was everywhere. The biggest group in the world and they were “breaking up.” I can imagine that’s  probably how it was when the Beatles broke up. But I eventually got over it. I had no choice. It was 1998. The Backstreet Boys, Christina Aguilera, Brandy, TLC and so many more artists were out with big albums. I had to move on.

The group continued and released their last album without Geri in 2000. But it was never the same.

So when the news broke last week that the Spice Girls would be in the closing ceremony of the 2012 London Olympics, my inner child jumped for joy.

It was like a dream come true. They were amazing! Did you see how good they looked? Them girls got kids and look damn near better than me. Victoria Beckham has 4 kids. Werk!

Meanwhile, I’m at work taking a trip down memory lane reliving my girl power days. Oh, how I truly miss the music of the ‘90s. Folks wrote amazing pop songs. This new stuff?

I’ll pass.

I’ll take these 5 British girls over anything.


Homegirl  Spice

Smh. I can’t even come up with a witty name.

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