Veronica the Conqueror

As I’ve been getting older, I realize how important it is to travel. When I was a child, I really didn’t have the opportunity to travel much. I really hadn’t been anywhere outside of the Midwest before I went to college.

When I was in college I was able to fly to New York, Miami and then a 12-hour drive from Carbondale to Washington, D.C. That’s when I first noticed the importance of travel. There’s nothing like going somewhere you’ve never been, seeing things you never seen and meeting people that you probably would never have met before.  
Travel builds character. It opens your mind to other cultures and customs. It gets you away from your safe space. Imagine if we all stayed where we were from and never traveled? That’s a reality for some. But it doesn’t have to be. You don’t need to be rich to travel. You just need to know how to be research savvy.

Trust me; I’m no expert on travel. I’ve only been to a handful of places myself. But I plan to go everywhere.

On my shortlist: Africa, India, Brazil, Paris and Spain.

My next trip is to Cozumel for my birthday.

I’ve got to conquer this world.

One place at a time.

Prepared to conquer,

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