Quitters Never Win

I almost quit the #30in30 challenge today. I admit it. I have no problem saying that. These past 13 days have been extremely hard. Harder than I originally thought. I even texted my homegirl Aerial ( who is also doing the challenge) and she said that was just telling someone that she was tired of doing these damn blogs.

This challenge had been kicking our ass. It has forced us to have nightly deadlines, the stress of creating  daily stories and having the responsibility of producing good content. It has in effect put us back in the newsroom.

Man do I remember those days.

Aerial and I used to live in the newsroom. We did our homework there. Ate tons of Don Taco there and got our first bylines there. We were also enormously stressed. Having that stress really prepared me for the dealing with the stresses of the “real world.” Sometimes it was hard to sleep. The food we ate was disgusting and forget even driving pass the gym. That was the life.

After that experience, nothing stresses me out anymore.  So I shouldn’t let this challenge defeat me.

I won’t be defeated.


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