The Heartbreak of the First 48

If you’re like me, you love a good crime show.

One of my favorite shows is the First 48. If you’ve haven’t seen an episode, here is the premise of the show. According to statistics, the likelihood of a crime being solved usually results from evidence obtained in the 48 hours following the crime. The show follows detectives in several cities across the United States as they attempt to solve a murder. The most popular cities are Memphis, Miami, Birmingham and Louisville.

The show has been on air for an astounding 12 seasons. I think I’ve seen nearly every episode. There’s just something about that show. But the thing is I never feel happy when I watch that show. I don’t tune in to get a good laugh. I’ve shed more tears watching an episode than any actual smiles.

I think what bothers me the most about the show are the demographics of the victims and the perpetrators. If you ever want to be a witness to what black on black crime really looks like, please watch an episode. I’ve seen teenagers as young as 14 arrested for murder. There have been victims on that show as young as a few months old.  The killer part about the show is the motives behind the crimes. People are literally dying over a bag of weed.

I saw an episode where two teens killed a woman over her computer. A woman and her child were killed as they slept in their bed because a drive-by shooter shot up the wrong bedroom. A man killed his own brother, nieces and nephews.  Then there’s always the classic, wrong place wrong time murder.

It’s sickening.

I don’t even watch the local news because it’s so depressing. I’ll read about it but how many times do we have to see a crying mother on TV before we realize that some things are just fucked up?

But somehow I’ll tune in to an episode of the First 48 at least once a week. I think what attracts me to the show is when someone is senselessly murdered and they actually apprehend the criminal.

It gives me the hope that despite our feelings about the police and the law, that justice can prevail.

And sometimes it does.


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