30 in 30 Challenge

There’s nothing quite like a challenge. I’m always up for anything that is going to push me beyond my comfort zone. So when one of my favorite writers/tweeters Aliya S. King proposed a writing challenge, I was up for the challenge.

Let’s Get It!

The hard truth is that if you want to become a great writer, you must write. And write. And write. You must write every day and you should also read every day. I’ll admit, sometimes after working my 9-5 and then sitting in 2 hours of traffic every day, it’s hard to come home and blog. I literally just want to eat, watch TV and go to sleep.

That’s why I’m participating in this challenge. I even brought my home girl, Aerial in too.  I need to stop making excuses for not having the time to blog and write every day. Although, I am a copywriter by trade, I don’t necessarily have to write every day. Some days, campaign optimization and pulling sales leads takes up most of my day.

But that’s all changing tonight. From now until September 1st, I’m blogging every day. I may stumble on occasion. But I won’t give up. We’re allowed to double up if we forget one day. So if I fall off, don’t come for me. 🙂

Off to becoming a better writer,

One thought on “30 in 30 Challenge

  1. Whooo Whooop, lets get it shawty

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