You either Sling Crack Rock or gotta Wicked Jump Shot

I saw a tweet last week that made me stop dead in my tracks. It was a tweet from a black man that said the only hope for young black men was sports or music. This wasn’t from a teenager. It was from a 20-something year old. Do people really still believe that?

Don’t be a statistic.

That tweet sounded like it was straight out of the medieval times. Now I personally don’t know any rappers or athletes but I do know a few successful black men. But I’m wondering if that attitude is making resurgence in the hearts of young black men.  Biggie once said that “you either sling crack rock or gotta a wicked jumpshot” in order to make it out of the hood.  We all know the chances of being a professional athlete are slim to none. And the chances of becoming a rapper? Child please. At least if you’re an athlete in high school, you can possibly obtain a scholarship to attend college.

There are no scholarships in becoming a professional rapper. I wonder what made that person tweet that idea. It seems so outdated, outlandish and ridiculous. It’s 2012. It’s not during the height of the crack epidemic like when BIG was rapping about it. We may be in a recession but there’s so many ways to be successful today. Stay in school. Become a teacher, a scientist, or an engineer.

Just don’t become another statistic.

There’s hope out here. Find your passion. Pursue your dream.


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