Something Extra

It’s always has to be something more with guys. It seems like guys can’t ever just be cool. There’s always an ulterior motive.

I recently texted an acquaintance that I had met while visiting New York 2 months ago. He showed my friend and I all around Harlem. We had a great time. I realized shortly after that he was kind of digging me. He told me he was feeling me and I was flattered. But that was about it. I was single and out of town. What did he want me to say? I’ll be your girlfriend for the next 3 days? Child please.

Anyway when we returned home, he texted me to make sure we landed safely. That was 2 months ago. Today as I was watching TV, I just thought of him and decided to drop a line on him.

In the typical (I deleted your number but I don’t want to tell you that) man fashion, he hit me with the “I got a new phone. Who is this?” Sigh. I could believe that if I hadn’t used that line before.

My friend told me he deleted my number after I treated him. But I didn’t treat him. I was just being honest.

But why do guys feel like if you’re not going to be involved in with them sexually that they can’t be friendly with you? I think I know the answer to that. Why would anyone want to waste time on someone who doesn’t want the same this thing that you want? 

I know that I’ve done time and time again. But we still can’t be friends?


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