Naturally UnNatural

I classify myself as a person with natural hair. Natural mean untreated or hair with no perm. I stop perming my hair when I came home from college, around 2007 or 2008, I can’t remember the date.

I look crazy as all hell.

No, I didn’t do the big chop either. I would die if I went from having long hair to a baby fro. I commend the women who have the courage to do it but I don’t see myself doing it. It wasn’t even really my decision.

My beautician simply said, “Don’t Perm your hair. You don’t need it.” And that was it. My hair is naturally curly. My dad (bless his Creole heart) had long, curly hair and my mother also had a longhair, which she even used to rock in a fro back in the ‘70’s. So my hair is a mix of all of that. It’s wild and untamed.

I usually straighten my hair with a pair of ceramic flatirons but this week, I’ve made the decisions to wear my hair natural all week. Not straightened but curly.

I have to go grab some Miss Jessie’s or my old favorite, Carol’s Daughter and see how to work it.

Naturally Me,

Veronica Hilbring

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