Misery Loves Company: Dissecting the Modern Day Hater

Why is it that when you’re doing something positive, people who aren’t doing anything try to find a way to downgrade the shit that you’re doing? I recently had an encounter with someone( they shall remain nameless) who tried to downgrade the Master’s degree that I’m about to receive. 

Like who are you? Where is your Master’s? I had to just walk away from the situation because I genuinely like and care for this person but like GTFOHWTBS. I’m proud of myself because I didn’t go off on this person or curse them out. I just politely left the conversation altogether.

Are people really that miserable in their own lives that they can’t respect you for the shit that you’re doing in your life?

Yes, I really think so.

It’s really a shame because people could learn something from watching other people go after their goals. I hate when folks talk shit about what someone else is doing! Like it’s a pet peeve of mine. What is your purpose? Does that make you feel better if someone tries and fails at something? Will the sun shine a little brighter for you if they are unsuccessful?

We usually call these people haters but I think it’s something more than that. I think maybe something happened to them in their past. Perhaps at one time, they were trying to conquer something and failed. Instead of getting back up and trying again, they decided to wallow in their own grief and never recovered. 

Or maybe they feel like if you’re successful in your endeavors that it means that they won’t be successful in theirs.

This situation just reminded of the old saying that everybody and their grandma used to say, “Misery Loves Company.” 

And Yes Indeed it does.

Onward and Upward, 

One thought on “Misery Loves Company: Dissecting the Modern Day Hater

  1. They may have love but it's the despise deep down inside that prevails. But "GTFOHWTBS" = Hilarious!

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