The Way to Freedom

The price of education continues to rise year after year.

The student loan debt is officially higher than credit card debt. All of this debt talk has people pondering, “Is higher education really worth the price?”

You damn right it is.

But really, what can you do with a high school diploma? Don’t get me wrong, some of the world’s richest people didn’t finish college or ever graduate from high school: Bill Gates, Jay-Z, Oprah and the list goes on. But everyone isn’t going to be Oprah and everyone really ain’t going to be Jay-Z.

I just borrowed about $50,000 in loans to obtain my Master’s and I don’t regret it at all. I found the ultimate investment: Myself.

We all have to decide what path to take for our future. But the truth is life without a college education these days is minimum wage and dead-end jobs.

The choice is yours.

Happily Educated,


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