The Struggle

I hate to even blog about this subject but it’s something that remains an issue.
Even Rosie had to Struggle!
I have group of close friends. Between all of my friends (and ex-friends), I have about 10 “god-children”. As a friend, I know the struggle that many of my friends face as single mothers. Some of my friends have help and some of my friends have no help. Either way, it’s always a constant struggle.


I don’t understand why it’s a struggle for certain men to step up to the plate. They fully understand that it takes time and money to raise a child.  But they continue to not do what needs to be done. I understand that times are hard and people are struggling. But why does your child have to suffer?

Don’t you want your child have the best? Or at least, the things you never had?

You don’t have to be rich to be a good father. When kids are young, they don’t care about money. They just want you! Even if you’re struggling, simply offering a small bag of diapers, wipes, underwear or t-shirts is a great start. Or offer to take your baby for the weekend so mom can get a break. Chances are if you’re going through a hard time, your child’s mother is likely going through even harder times.

This isn’t a post trying to diss fathers. I happen to know some amazing fathers. But if you aren’t doing the best you can, you can always start now.

Cautiously Optimistic,


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