It’s been over 2 months since we lost Whitney Houston but the shock still lingers. When I think of my childhood, the biggest singers that come to mind are Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston. I literally can’t think of my youth or my life even with them.

I was at home getting ready for a night with friends when someone retweeted the bad news on twitter. I immediately went to tmz.com. (they’re almost always on point with breaking news) And it was true! Like how could this be true? Not Whitney!

My momma loves Whitney Houston. Period. She’s the only person I know that will request I will always love you no matter where we go. We used to ride in my mother’s old red ’92 Chevy and listen to the Waiting to Exhale soundtrack backwards and forward. Whitney was everything!

Even when she was going through her troubles, ( the dreaded ‘Crack is Wack’) she still remained like a member of our extended family. Her music was so versatile that you can play any of her songs at a wedding, funeral or a family reunion.

Even writing this post hurts. I still can’t believe that The Voice is gone.

However, she’ll live forever on in her music and through Bobbi Kristina.

Let’s keep Bobbi Kris is our prayers.

She’s needs it.


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