Far Away (a Moment in Time)

(I originally wrote this post over a month ago and never finished it. I decided to leave it as is because it was how I was feeling at the time.)

I had a friend that passed away a few years ago now. It was the first person my age that I was close to that died. I was devastated. Of course, time supposedly heals all wounds & I feel like I’ve accepted his passing.

I was actually thinking about all of the things that I’ve learned about myself through his passing. He was a person that actually lived life to the fullest. Given his line of work (he was a hustler), he put me on to a lot of things about the streets. Don’t get it twisted. I am from Chicago so I’m no fool but he put me on to a lot of things about men and life in general.

I’m writing this because I was just listening to the new Marsha Ambrosius CD (which is f’n hot! Make sure that you grab that) and the song “Far Away” totally made me think of him. If you’ve seen the video, then I’m sure that like me it had you nearly close to tears.

But the lyrics just spoke to my soul. And I couldn’t help but to think of him.

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