When Its Over

My friend recently broke up with her bf.

Well, that’s what she thinks happened. They had been having their issues but she really believed that they would work through them.

But on her birthday he didn’t get her a gift and even worse on Valentine’s Day, he didn’t get her a Valentine’s Day present. After that they didn’t speak for 2 weeks. She figured it was over so she called him and he was just like “Naw it ain’t even like that.” But he wasn’t trying to rectify the situation or anything like that.

Just like that. After almost 3 years.


That’s Bodeine.

But sadly that’s not the first time, I’ve heard of a story like that.

So what’s the deal?

I don’t understand how you can build something with a person and then just decide that it’s over. No official goodbye or nothing. What a coward! Why couldn’t you just keep it 100?

I will admit that I have just stopped talking to a person.Didn’t call them anymore and didn’t answer their calls. But not after sharing 3 years together. That’s just ridiculous.

Anyway, I’m sure my friend will recover. As we all do.


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