The Gray Side


I have some gray hair. I am 25 years old with some gray hair.  I’m not surprised. My mom’s hair has been graying for years but she tries to keep a rinse in her hair.

I am a year into my career, graduate school and things have been hectic lately. We have increased responsibilities at work and graduate school is annoying as hell. I mean I love learning but homework is ridiculous. We have homework every week! Wtf!

I’m such a lady. 🙂

Happy hour and making time to relax are what keep me sane during these times.

But with these new responsibilities, it means that I have to neglect other aspects of my life like duh my baby, the Veronicolumn!

I haven’t felt energetic enough to write a blog. When I write a blog, it’s from a place of passion. It’s like when you have something on your mind and you have to get it off your chest. That’s how I feel when I blog. (Yeah, I’m deep like that.)

I actually originally wrote this blog while I was supposed to be watching a movie in class.

Ridiculous right?

Bet hey that’s how it is.

The Realest Person I know,

P.S- That was the vainest thing I’ve ever written.


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