The Guide to Minding Your Own Business

This may surprise a few of my readers but I use to be real nosey. I always wanted to know what was going on with people. People always use to tell me their business and I was more than happy to listen. I also use to offer my opinion about what I think they should do. (Hey, if you’re going to spread the news, be prepared to hear what other people think about it.)

But people didn’t really like my opinions. Some people even stopped telling me things. That was fine with me. I realized that when people told me something about their business that I should probably only offer advice if they asked specifically for my opinion. That is the approach I’ve been practicing for the last couple of years.

Now, I don’t say shit to nobody about nothing. People want to cheat on their spouses, sell drugs & bust out car windows and I won’t say a word about nothing.


Because Do You!

People already know the moves they’re going to make long before they tell you about anything. So live your life & don’t offer any advice because people don’t take the time to appreciate what you have to offer.

Now that I don’t just offer advice, people ask me for advice.

So technically I’m still nosey; but only because people want me to be.


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