Blizzard Blues

If you don’t live in Chicago, then last week you were spared the blizzard to end all blizzards. I was literally trapped in the house from Tuesday afternoon until Thursday, when I ventured out the house to get food and a shovel.

That’s my baby on the left. Smh.

My block looked like it had truly seen Snowmageddon. The snow was in the middle of the street like 3 feet high. I managed to dig my car out of the snow but I couldn’t get anywhere if I wanted to. There were several cars left stranded in the middle of the street with snow surrounding them. When I ventured out to the main street around my place, it looked like the end of days.

People were walking around with shovels, snow blowers & cases of beer. (Don’t judge them. I made sure I had an ample amount of wine at my house)

It was so crazy. I had to work from home for 3 days. Sounds like a breeze right?


I cannot work from home. I can’t focus and there are so many distracting things in my house that I can’t even name them all. Instead of working during the day, I spent half the work day online working & the other half watching TV. Then at around 6pm, I would start working again until like 10.

I think I spent more hours on work while I was at home but I wasn’t at 100% like I am when I’m in the office surrounded by my co-workers. I need to be with them to feel like it’s a work environment.

Hell, I really don’t even blog from home: I blog on my lunch break.

So glad the blizzard is over. I’ll be even happier once it’s June.


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