A Bitter Pill to Swallow

Racism is still alive.


There is no other way to explain some of the monstrosities that I continue to see everyday. While it may not be someone calling a black person the N-word & you don’t see separate water fountains, the evidence is still there.

Did you watch the Super Bowl commercials last night? Did you see the Pepsi commercial with the angry black woman smacking her boyfriend upside the head in every scene? Did you see when she hit a white woman upside the head with a Pepsi can?

Must we continue to accept racial stereotypes? That’s the angriest black woman I have seen in a long time. They got the nerve to release this commercial during black history month!

Don’t let me get started on those ridiculous McDonald’s commercials where a black person has to be singing and or dancing in every frame.


Don’t lump my people in one category! We are more than singers and dancers. We are not simple. We are complex, intelligent, driven and not easily fooled.


Stop this coonery now.

It’s insulting not only to me but to my ancestors.


One thought on “A Bitter Pill to Swallow

  1. Yes…and while they're at it, can they also get rid of the Popeye's Chicken spokeswoman!?! Yeesh!

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