What You Won’t Do (The You Better Than Me Post)

Have you ever heard someone say something like “If that were me….” Or “I’ll never do…” or my personal favorite “Y’all better than me, I’m not doing that” ?

You know what I’m talking about. People are always talking about what they would or wouldn’t do. But how do you know what you would or wouldn’t do unless you were in the situation?

{Side note: I realize this picture has nothing to do with this post but I love the concept}

Even though I say things like this, I HATE when people talk about what they wouldn’t do. Almost everyone has heard a story about someone doing something outrageous & thinking to themselves, I would NEVER do something like that.

Child, please.

You don’t know what you’re capable of until you’re in the situation.

This has actually become the story of my life. I think when I graduated college I told myself, “I’ll never go back to school.” A recession and a few years of unstable employment sent me running back to higher education. Lesson number 1.

I once said that I would never talk or be involved with someone who has a girlfriend. Well…. * Kanye shrug* We’re all entitled to a few mistakes. Lesson number 2.

Clearly, I need to never say use that phrase anymore.

So lately I have been challenging people when they say “I’ll never do that!” When I hear people say that, I respond Don’t say what you won’t do.

I think we should take the advice of my friend Jackie and live by the Never say Never Rule because you just Never Know.

Just some food for thought…

Humbled by life,


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