The Single Life or My Life Exposed

One of my very good friends recently asked why I didn’t talk more about relationships and being single. My response was: Girl I don’t really want to talk about that. And that’s actually what I mean. How many times do u want to really want to read about how hard or fun it is to be a single girl in the city?

It seems like everywhere you turn and look, people are either shacking up, having kids and then shacking up and even a few are getting married.

But that’s not me or the life that I lead. Like right now for example, it 12:59 a.m. and I’m up blogging, drinking wine and watching Sex and The City. Yes, my goal in life is to be the black Carrie Bradshaw in Chicago.

Even I don’t read the articles anymore about how hard it is for black women to find a man. That sounds so depressing! So here’s the rundown on me. By all definitions: I am Single. Yes. My name is Veronica and I am Single. Please don’t hit me with the pity face. I am only 25!

But I feel very fulfilled and loved. I do have someone that I love (long distance love does count) and guys that keep me well, let’s just say entertained.

What I do hate those people who try to act like there is something wrong with your life because you’re single & they’re with child (children) and a jealous boyfriend. Puh-Lease!

No offense to anyone I know or anyone of my friends, but I can’t imagine my life being any different than it is now. Now should I get caught slipping or have a case of life happens, that’s fine. But for now, I’m good.

If anything, I think people are too obsessed with settling down & doing things too fast. What happened to enjoying your 20’s. In your 20’s, you’re supposed to make mistakes, have fun & live care free. Your 30’s is a time for trying to piece your life together. What happened to that?

Nowadays people want to marry they baby daddy at 19 & shit. What? That sounds dumb.

My thoughts: Live your life to the fullest. Meet as many people as you can, have the most amazing safe sex that you can and have fun!

Living La Vida Single Life,


One thought on “The Single Life or My Life Exposed

  1. Well said Veronica. There is a thin line between jealousy and admiration. Do you, chica.

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