Black Men vs. The Media – The Demonization of the Black Man

For the last 2 weeks, I have been on vacation. During this time, I have tried to enjoy to simple pleasures of watching television.

But it seems like on every channel, it was the same thing: black men are portrayed in the most negative light.

Last week, President Obama personally called the Coach of the Philadelphia Eagles to thank him for giving a Mike Vick a second chance after serving time for charges related to operating a dog-fighting cartel.

The media was relentless in their disapproval of this action by the President. Now I have to ask because it was something I was thinking: If President Obama was George Bush and Mike Vick were Brett Favre, would this have even been a blurb on the evening news?

Let’s be honest with ourselves.

Hell no! We might’ve heard about it on ESPN but certainly probably wouldn’t have seen it on MSNBC, CNN or Fox News.

A so-called reporter & analyst Tucker Carlson even said that Mike Vick should have been executed for what he did. What?! What’s even sadder about that situation is right before he said that foul statement, is the fact that he said he’s a Christian and he believes in forgiveness but Vick should’ve been executed. If he worked anywhere else, he would’ve been fired. But he probably got a raise over there at Fox.

Another situation that occurred in the world in celebrity was the Raz B & Chris Brown twitter beef. Raz B made some comments about Chris Brown and Chris clapped back at Raz B.

Of course, when it was all said and done, Chris was called Homophobic and people claimed that he had learned nothing from the Rhianna situation.


First of all, both situations were completely different. Raz B & Chris Brown are both grown men who lost their tempers. It happens.

Both stories are examples of how it doesn’t seem to matter how hard a person seems to work on themselves, they will forever be demonized in the press. It seems to be especially hard for a black man in the public eye.

Other examples of Blacklisted black men include: Isaiah Washington and Kanye West.

But Charlie Sheen can continue to do drugs & abuse women and he’ll still get paid millions of dollars a year for that stupid show.
 In addition to the celebrities that are blacklisted to never return to their former glory, every time you turn on the TV or the news, all you see is a black man portrayed in a negative light. If it’s not a black man being arrested for committing a crime, they’re plotting a crime or engaging in some racial stereotype.

It’s the reason why some people are so scared of black men!

The only light in a room full of darkness on this issue is President Obama and even that is shady.

Sure he’s the President and he should expect criticism but the criticism of this President is more than ever before. People are constantly questioning his citizenship and every move that he makes. The media claims they want the President to be angrier and show more passion. But trust as soon as the President goes off the deep end he going to be portrayed as that angry black man that we see on the news so much every day.

I used to hear from black men all the time talking about how they never get a fair chance in life and I’m starting to see what they mean. We have to see more positive role models for young black children to look up to.

We have to do something.


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