How Kanye Can Find True Love

I really don’t have to say much about the passionate individual that is Kanye West. Rapper, Producer and dare I say Activist. You would literally have to be in an underground cave (even so, I think Osama Bin Laden knows who he is) to not know and have an opinion about Kanye West.

Mr. West, Mr. West, Mr. Fresh, Mr. by himself he so impressed. Sorry, I was just interrupted by a Kanye West song in my head.

What can I say about Kanye West that hasn’t already been said?

Certain avenues of the media have already made their minds up about him: he’s an arrogant, egotistical Jackass. Even our President called him a Jackass and I’m sure that had to hurt.

But people don’t understand Kanye like I do. Or like how people from Chicago do.

When you’re from Chicago, you develop a certain kind of swag, (Yeah, I’m tired of swag too but ain’t no other way to explain it) especially when you’re from the Southside.

Word on the street is Kanye is looking for love. No word on a VH1 reality show or anything but that’s what he’s been saying.

There’s nothing like a man from Chicago. If you find one like Kanye then he has a mix of intelligence, street smarts, passion, and a serious work ethic. He’s successful but still remains down-to-earth.

I understand a man like Kanye! That’s why Kanye’s relationships haven’t worked out. Them girls from Philly, L.A or wherever else can’t deal with a man like Kanye. They don’t know how!

Kanye said he wants a woman to be his wife and have his children.

Then you need to just come on home honey cause you’re not going to find her anywhere else but in Chicago. He needs a girl that loves Jay-Z, Chicago Sports teams, doesn’t mind going to museums, or what new obsession Kanye is into this week.

Until Kanye comes back, he’s not going to find a girl that the perfect mix of a educated, street smart, passionate, witty, cultured, hard-working, copywriter/blog writer that still lives on the Southside…..*side eye* Wait, I got a little carried away cause it sounds like he need a chick like me.

Well…..if the shoe fits, I’ll sure wear those stiletto’s.

Patiently Waiting for Mr. West,

Mrs. Veronica West

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