Do You Believe?


I have to start this post with a deep sigh. I’m sighing for two reasons; 1) I’m tired of hearing about this topic and 2) Because it’s an example of random ridiculousness.

The latest subject that people are obsessed with is the Illuminati. The Illuminati is supposedly a secret society (that everyone seems to know about) that controls the world. The signs are apparently everywhere. The back of the dollar bill, the CBS symbol and symbolism in your favorite rapper’s video are all examples of the Illuminati.

If you’re really interested in finding out information, I would advise you to go to your local library, Borders or Barnes & Noble. For the easily influenced, you can head straight to YouTube and watch the many videos devoted to this subject.

Now what do I think?

I really don’t know. When you have money then you can amass power and with power comes influence. But does having tons of money and power mean that you turned to the occult to get it? Again, I don’t know.

There’s even a preacher by the name of G. Craig Lewis who has released popular DVD’s where he’s calling out popular singers and artists like Michael Jackson, the Notorious B.I.G, Beyonce and Satan’s supposed new best friend Jay-Z. He can be seen on the video supposedly breaking down song lyrics to prove that the artists must be worshipping the Devil. He even plays various songs backwards and you can hear the songs saying “Murder, murder Jesus. 666. Satan, etc.”

It is said that they won’t let you make more than $20 million dollars without signing your name and soul in blood over to the Devil. Kanye West supposedly sacrificed his mother and Jennifer Hudson sacrificed her mother, brother and nephew for fortune and fame. Kanye has said in a freestyle rap that he sold his soul to the Devil. On an MTV interview, he clarified what he meant when he said those comments but Illuminati believers don’t believe it.

Yeah, it’s that deep. It goes even deeper than that but I don’t have the time to thoroughly research how deep it actually goes as I do have a life of my own.

Like I said before, when people bow their heads to say thank you or give praise, we don’t know who people are praying too. People could be praying to King Tut or an Oak tree & I wouldn’t give a damn. My question is: What does Jay-Z worshipping the devil have to do with you? Apparently listening to his music may release evil spirits that enter your soul, etc. (i.e. Start Worshipping the Devil) And everyone’s involved in this too: Rhianna, Lady Gaga (LOVE her), Diddy, Oprah, and even President Obama.

Why is it that black people don’t believe shit but will believe anything? We just can’t believe that Jay-Z actually made good investments and business deals to make his fortune. You don’t hear people of other races discussing this. Why? Because it is totally feasible to them that people can make millions of dollars.

I also have a problem with people saying what they would or wouldn’t do in a certain situation. How do you know what you are willing to do in a situation until you are there in that situation? If you have been all of your life and had an opportunity to get everything you’ve ever wanted, are you telling me that you wouldn’t consider it at all?

Stop lying to yourselves! People need to stop. I know some hustlers who wouldn’t think twice about it. I say that not because I think people should do it but because it amazes me how people can judge other people for the decision they THINK they made.

Ya’ll don’t know how hard people have worked to get where they are. I wonder when I get on Diddy & Kimora status will people believe that about me. But my final question is: Do you Believe in the Illuminati?

Cause I believe……in MYSELF!

Roger That,

Side Note:
Check out this interesting & very real video:
Click on the video with President Obama’s picture.

3 thoughts on “Do You Believe?

  1. Nice blog! Well written! The people tha are worried about the the Illuminati need to use that energy to get they shit together. I agree, people need to stop judging others. Even more so, I agree that Black people need to start worrying about the issues that they "know to be true" instead of conspiracy theories that they can't prove nor do anything about. Some Black people are still in a slavery mentally. Seems like they believe that getting money is the "devil," and their riches are waiting in "heaven." That was a white man, slavery/christian missionary trick.Anyway to answer your question…Yes I do believe in the Illuminati. lol But I ain't scared.

  2. Good job friend! I dont understand why everyone is so obessed with the llluminati. When people dont have the full understanding of organization or how people become rich they assume things. I personally really dont know much about the llluminati and could care less about who is apart of it. My personal belief that if people took the time to place their energy towards bettering themselves they too could be as rich as Jay-Z or Kanye..

  3. Good post girlfriend…

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