Just A Girl

By now, I’m sure most of y’all have heard about the Fantasia saga. But if you haven’t, here it is in short:

Girl meets boy.
Boy tells girl that he is separated.
Surprise, surprise.
Boy is not separated.
Boy’s wife sues girl under “Homewreaker” act.

Fantasia is currently being sued by her ex-lover’s wife for allegdely breaking up a happy home. There is actually a law in North Carolina that says a person can be sued for pursuing a relationship with a married person and causing the end of a marriage.

Well,damn.Imagine if this law was in effect in every city in America. Court rooms would stay packed.

Now I feel for the wife, I do. But why are you suing Fantasia? You need to check that lying, deceitful ass man if anything. (Let me calm down. *woo-sah*)I actually believe that Fantasia didn’t know that the man wasn’t legally separated.

I’ll tell you how it happened. Fantasia goes into T-Mobile to get some more minutes on her phone (humor me) and he decided to shoot his shot with her. I mean she is still Fantasia, after all. They talked and hit it off. So much so that she apparantly, had sex with him in a hotel room 3 days later. (Now anybody can say what they would or wouldn’t do but Playboy is fine as hell!I’m not saying I would’ve have done it, but I do understand.)

Fantasia has just received so much bad press, I can understand her feeling like she wants to get away from it all. It’s not enough to commit suicide but if I found out that I was being sued by my ex-boyfriend’s wife right after I had an abortion, I don’t know what state of mind I would be in either.

But of course instead of trying to be positive and support Fantasia, various media outlets and blog sites have just been relentless with negatively bashing her. I guarantee if you read any post about Fantasia on any website, you’ll see half of the post itself and the viewers comments basically call for the stoning death of Fantasia Barrino. This upsets me because I LOVE Fantasia. She is like the homegirl from around the way that everyone is cool with.(At least in my head anyway)I cheered for her during American Idol and I continue to cheer for her now.

People need to stop with this holier-than-thou ass attitude that they’ve adopted. Fantasia is only 26 years old and is entitled to make a few mistakes in her life. There’s a couple of mistakes that I’ve made, but we LIVE and we LEARN.

Bottomline: People who live in cardboard boxes shouldn’t pray for rain.

I realize that makes no sense but I’m tired of saying People in glass houses…. you know the rest.

Signing off,

P.S- VDUB is the one who posts these crazy angry rants.

5 thoughts on “Just A Girl

  1. Cardboard boxes is the perfect analogy. They wishing bad on this young lady but the rains gonna pour on them too. I relate too well to this situation and understand Fantasia every step of the way. But like you said, you live and you learn.

  2. Thanks gals! Just speaking my mind.

  3. No one feels this girl's pain. I do Fantasia. Just another girl who fell head over heels. Because she's a celebrity everything is supposed to be perfect. She's no more guilty than the next person.

  4. Well said Veronica, I've been saying the same thing. Granted I was very disappointed to hear the news when it first broke, but I've supported Fantasia throughout her career and throughout all the negative press she received, but when there was something to congratulate her on, folks wasn't interested.I for one will not judge her, for she has to answer to a higher power for her life, as well as we all do. I certainly hope this experience wakes her up, and she not be as so forth right into trusting someone's word. It is evident that this man alienated his wife's affection more times than one and her opportunity to get paid came with Fantasia. But I feel that it will work out in Fantasia's favor being as though Antwan has a record of being unfaithful to his wife, and she as well needs to provide enough evidence without a shadow of a doubt that it was Fantasia that alienated her affection (lol @ that) and caused her marriage to end (lol @ that again).

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