The Recovery Process/ Why Are We So Vicious?

It’s been longer than I would like for it to be between blogs. Since my last post, I have had my wisdom teeth removed (Ouch! I’m hungry as hell& sore all at the same time), finalize my vacation plans and finished up the spring quarter at graduate school.
Man, I’m glad that school ish is ova for now. I plan on straight kicking it and clowning all summer.

Since I’ve been back on my blog game, I’ve been checking out many different blogs. Mostly black sites, but blogs nonetheless. What I discovered that I didn’t know,(although I should have known considering how people act) is the amount of blog hate displayed toward one another.

I was on one website, which I will not name because you never know who you may need or meeting in this business, but it is a hateful site. I’ve never seen so much hating on a website in my life! Any way, on this particular site, this one blogger called herself calling out another blogger. She said that a certain blogger will sleep with anyone to get the scoop. Like for real? Daaayyyuuum……I didn’t know it was like that!

It just continuously bothers me that as black women we constantly spend more time trying to drag each other down instead of helping build each other up.(*cough* Ahem, Lil Kim)

We always wonder why stereotypes of black women exist but everywhere you go, its black women further enforcing those stereotypes. As black women, you all know what I’m talking about too. Anywhere you go, its like a competition with each other. You can’t come into a room without all the black women in the room sizing you up and judging you. Mmm. We all know that sound. The sound of black a woman who has something to say about you or somebody else.

UGH!! It drives me crazy!

Now don’t get me wrong, I have a tendency to do it myself. As a matter of fact, I was at a school fundraiser a few weeks ago and couldn’t help but look crazy at another group of women that weren’t my friends. *Kanye Shrug* The behavior just seems to come naturally, which makes the situation even more sad. It’s completely natural to like be hater to other black women.

But what’s the remedy for this problem? What can we do about this?

This is one issue that I don’t have the answer for because I don’t know. Even when I try to be a positive black woman with all the solidarity in the world, I just can’t stop myself!

My name is Veronica Hilbring and I have issues with other black women.

Logging off,
A confused black woman

3 thoughts on “The Recovery Process/ Why Are We So Vicious?

  1. So I've been blogging for a little over a month now, after over a year of agonizing whether or not to start one. But this is the first I've heard of blog hating but I'm not surprised. Recognizing for instance that a chick has bad weave doesnt make you a less positive person or a hater, but constantly giving evil looks and talking about them further than necessary might (taking it from "wow whoever did her hair need to be slapped" to "dang she must be dirty" and not being nice to her if your paths should cross).

  2. lol at Ms. Ado "dang she must be dirty". The first step is admittance so kuddos for realizing that you have a problem. I honestly think it's a chicago thing, being so quick to turn up a nose and smack a lip because these Georgia peaches are not like us.

  3. It must be a city thing.Them country girls down there don't care.@Ado Thanks for the feedback!

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