Tasting The Forbidden Fruit

Have you ever taken a bite into forbidden fruit? How was it?

I’m sure it was good of course and wrong but didn’t if feel just oh, so good? I’ve recently been exposed to the forbidden fruit & let me tell you…..there’s nothing like it. But before I tell my story, let’s examine the history of this subject.

Please bear with me; I am like Madea when it comes to knowing the bible.

So, God told Eve not to eat from the tree of knowledge. But the serpent (who was probably a man in disguise) tricked Eve and she ate from the tree. Being the kind, giving and generous woman that she was, Eve gave some to Adam. God then got mad at them and the rest is history.

My question is: Have you ever done something that you knew was wrong in every sense of the word but did it anyway? I sure have and damn if it don’t feel good. Whether it’s having that extra slice of cheesecake, going on a date behind your significant other’s back or engaging in a relationship that you weren’t supposed to, we’ve all had a taste of the forbidden fruit!

What I want to know is: Was it worth it?

Cause in my case, it sure was.


2 thoughts on “Tasting The Forbidden Fruit

  1. It's always worth it until the shit hit the fan. We need to have more self control. If we knew better, we would do better.

  2. True but sometimes we know better and choose to do the ish anyway girl!

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