Why Alicia Keys Remains the Classiest Chick In The Game

Unless you’ve been living under a rock without the radio, television and internet access, you’ve most likely heard about the Alicia Keys/Swiss Beatz/Mashonda saga. I say saga because it just seems to keep going and going and frankly I have to add my damn two cents about it.

I do admit I have a biased opinion. I LOVE Alicia Keys. That’s my girl! I have all of her cd’s and I’ve seen her in concert 3 times. Unlike some other successful singers (Ahem, Beyonce) Alicia just seems like a straight up real chick. She actually talks about real relationships and love. She’s not like let me upgrade you or I’ll find somebody who can. She’s like If I ain’t got you, all that other ish don’t mean nothing. I’m not a Stan or anything but I just mess with A. Keys like that.

For the last year, Alicia Keys good name has just been dragged through the mud with this Swiss Beatz issue.

The facts: Swizz Beatz married Mashonda in 2004. They had a son in 2007. Swizz previously has a son from a relationship prior to marrying Mashonda. In April 2008, they announced they were separating. That was when the whispers started about Swiss and Alicia Keys. But it wasn’t until a year later, when Mashonda penned an open letter to Alicia Keys that the ish actually hit the fan.

In this letter to Alicia Keys (which she posted on twitter for all to see but she’s claims it’s not a publicity stunt *side eye*) she talks about reaching out to Alicia and asking her to fall back and let her attempt to save her marriage. She was responding to a tweet in which Keys asked her followers in love situations do you go for smarts or the sparks. I guess she felt like Alicia was talking about her and her situation. Since then, Mashonda and Swiss have been going through a Hollywood divorce with all the rumors, child and claims that you would expect from a Donald Trump divorce.

But my thing is there are actually people who claim to have stopped supporting Alicia Keys because of all this foolishness. What?! GTFOH!

Are you serious?

On the blog sites, (Bossip, MediaTakeout, and the list goes on) she is totally trashed like yesterday’s garbage.“Homewreaker”, “whore”, and “hoe” are just some of the many names I’ve seen people call her. It pisses me off! We don’t know the situation at all and we’ve already decided that Alicia, the successful singer is the bad person.

What they aren’t talking about on the blogs is her foundation Keep A Child Alive, which raises millions of dollars a year for the HIV medications needed for daily survival. They aren’t talking about the many fundraisers that she and her organization put on every year for this important issue.

Just last year, she was commended by BET for her humanitarian work at the BET awards. When she accepted her award, she was very selfless and asked the audience and the viewers at home to continue to support and donate to her organization.

HIV is number one leading cause of death for black women ages 25-34. But all I can hear black women talking about is how she’s a “homewreaking hoe who stole that girl man.”
Lord have mercy….

HIV is killing black women everyday and we’re still concerned with petty b.s.

Despite all of this ridiculousness, we haven’t heard a word from Alicia Keys. She refuses to comment or say anything about the rumors and the relationship. {Sn: She better than me cause I would’ve been stole off of Mashonda}

Not only is she too classy for that, but she’s concerned with other important issues like saving our people.

But I digress. Women wouldn’t be women if we didn’t try to drag each other down.
Let’s get it together please.

Signing out,
An Alicia Keys supporter

4 thoughts on “Why Alicia Keys Remains the Classiest Chick In The Game

  1. I totally agree with you. Alicia has stayed classy through this whole ordeal.I think it really bothers the bloggers and haters that they can't break her. I wish her nothing but happiness, like you said none of us know what happened, so it's foolish to call her names. All I know is what she continuosly shows us, that she is a beautiful, spiritual, giving being. While people are trying to bring her down she's trying to lift others up. Check out her developing website iamasuperwoman.com

  2. Bravo!I applaud someone for writing the truth. Unfortunately, we as nation are too concerned with gossip and judging others. Alicia Keys is smart, intelligent person who is very sensitive to the AIDS epidemic and spreading positive energy. Negative people will never understand because we live in a world of ignorance.

  3. Thank you guys for your feedback.It's greatly appreciated!

  4. Well I like Beyonce, thank you very much lol. But you're right. Alicia has been really patient with Mashonda ghetto ass and a applaud her for that. Everyone knows your bad always forshadows your good and that's a shame in this case because Alicia does so much good.

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