The Perils of Bad Credit

My name is Veronica and I have bad credit. I’ve never even had a credit card but somehow I have bad credit.

When I applied for a Chase credit card, I really didn’t think that I would get it. Not because I had bad credit, but because of my account history with Chase. But I have since applied for store charge cards at Express (my little slice of retail heaven) and JC Penney, where I was denied on the spot, and was denied twice. Both of those actions prompted me to head to and see what the f*$k was going on.

Most of the delinquencies on my report are medical debt. The debt acquired from not having any adequate insurance. That ain’t even my fault. It wasn’t my fault that the plan my father had was really shitty, leaving me with the balance. I blame America for its ridiculous healthcare system. Hopefully, with my new decent paying job & its job-sponsored employment, I won’t have to worry about being denied a charge card because of stupid insurance companies.

Since I plan on moving soon, my goal this summer is to pay off my creditors. Luckily, I’m not thousands of $$$ in debt, but apparently its enough to prevent a potential shopping spree at the mall.

My advice: Check your credit cause you don’t want to get treated trying to save on Express jeans in the mall.

Signing out,
Low-credit score having @ss

3 thoughts on “The Perils of Bad Credit

  1. My credit probably isnt as good now as it was two years ago (because of credit cards) but I always try to find a way to pay those medical bills, they are credit killers

  2. Girl my first and only credit card was a blessing and it's not yet a curse but I know it is dragging my credit score. I don't even care right now though because I'm trying to enjoy life not wallow in my debts. Pay it if you can, if not (you know what) it!

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