Aka The Chi, CHI-Town, The GO, The Windy City

But in the year 2008, it took another dubious distinction: Murder capital of the United States. Who wants that title?

It seems like every time you turn on the news, there’s more and more violence happening everyday. (As I am writing this blog, I just heard about the shooting in Old Navy & the people that were shot on the expressway by 87th, which is the exit I use everyday.) This shit is ridiculous!

What’s even sad about the situation is that the people in charge are claiming that they are doing everything they possibly can, which might be true. I mean, realistically the police can’t be everywhere at all times. There’s was even talk of bringing in the national guard, a plan that I fully support.

Since these people want to act like terrorists, we’ll treat then like terrorists.

But many people were vehemently opposed to the idea! These are the same people that march every time a child dies, place teddy bears& liquor bottles up at every crime scene and point fingers at the police & politicians.

How can you be opposed to at least testing this out?

As a community, we need to ban together to support & look out for each other. You don’t hear about this ish happening in the suburbs. It’s like only on the southside. People can’t even sit on their porches anymore! I refuse to go quietly into the night under the guise of “minding my own business.” I am going to continue speaking up & protesting.

All I know is that the residents of Chicago are losing a winning battle.
And we can win.
We can stop the violence.

Signing out,

Chi-town’s Finest,

5 thoughts on “CHICAGO

  1. I don't think the National Guard is a good Idea. Of course more needs to be done to stop th violence but the prescence of the National Guard in my personal opinion is not going to hel so much as hurt. I think looking at it from a servicepersons perspective the National Guard can't do anymore help than the police force can. There are other solutions that are better but this is not one I agree with

  2. I agree the anonymous posting. The national guard may make things worse. My question is…what would the national guard do differently that the police are not capable of doing? If I can get a better understanding of what the National Guards prevention plan would be than maybe I can fully support it. In my mind, I think we would all feel like prisoners. Do they plan to stand on every street corner with loaded guns, watching and waiting for something to pop off…LBS. I already dont trust the police as much because of so much corruption and so many crucked cops (which is another factor that is causing so much crime). Imagine how much power the National Guard over the community. Instead of the NG taking over our community, we need to make an effort to take back our community. I think the National Guard should stick to defending the country as a whole. The key to ending violence really and truly begins in the home. We need to start building strong family structures again. Start respecting and bringing back our morals and values. People need Jesus. Whether its gang violence, domestic violence, or mentality disturbed killers, people are still going to kill. However, I am going to fully investigate the National Guards plan in great debt before I make my final decision whether to support or not.

  3. The National Guard would supply more people and more force. Chicago Police ain't doing their job, they getting paid off these d-boys so instead of locking them up they are keeping them on the streets so they can get their cut too. The National Guard are outsiders and they would come and set it right. Sure it may not last long after they are gone but they would say lives and that's all that matters.

  4. Thanks for the feedback guys. It's a series issue.

  5. I can't believe I actually spelled serious wrong on my own blog.smh.

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